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7 Powerful Ways to Market Your Local Brand

In this arena of eCommerce, local brands are struggling to get more customers and sales. Many of them have come…

By moralword , in Business , at February 24, 2022

In this arena of eCommerce, local brands are struggling to get more customers and sales. Many of them have come online and are looking for local SEO services. But do you think SEO can help only? Some other marketing tactics can help you boost your brand.

Here we are with the 7 powerful ways to market your local brand. You can grow your local business in these ways. We are not saying that you don’t need local SEO services. But these marketing tactics work for local brands. Many local brands have boosted their business in these ways. If you are not doing this then you are missing something really big. So in this digital arena, the following are the best ways to market your local brand. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to include these tips in your regular content strategy so that you can create consistency and it also builds trust among the audience.

#1. The Powerful Tool: Social Media

The first and very common way to market your local brand is using social media. No, we are not telling you to make an official business Facebook page only. You have to grow it to get sales through it. Making a Facebook page and leaving the rest of the work is not enough. So doing it is the most necessary thing. Below are some of the ways we can use to market our local business online.

Facebook Marketing

Many digital marketing companies offer facebook marketing along with local SEO services. You can make a page on Facebook and run ads on social media. This technique is paid, but you can generate sales easily.

Whatsapp Marketing

Are you not collecting Whatsapp numbers of your customers? So, you are giving away a good customer acquisition opportunity here. You can collect contact details from your customers, and then next time you can send them messages about your new product arrivals.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is the most in-demand marketing tactic. You can engage people easily with good content on Instagram. If you still don’t have an Instagram account, then create and start promoting one.

Regarding social media posting, also focus on paid marketing because the organic reach is limited to a certain extent. And for reaching a large set of targeted audience, you need to draft in a scalable plan that will drive more leads to the business.

#2. Play & Win Marketing

Play and win marketing is generally letting your customers play some kind of games. You need to give them some gifts, products, coupons and much more that you want. Following are some common ways to do this.


Challenges on social media or offline are useful to engage people more with your brand. Local SEO services may don’t have such techniques.


You can ask people to solve some quizzes and offer them discounts or coupons. It will be encouraging them to buy from you.


Giveaways are usually for online branding. If you want people to make aware of your brand, then giveaways are always useful. PDFs, coupons, access to some exclusive membership are some goodies that you can give away. Giveaways bring more loyalty among the audience and help you establish yourself as a genuine brand.

#3. Let Customers Promote Your Brand

Stop promoting your brand only through your money. You can get it promoted through your customers. You can hire a digital marketing expert or look for some local SEO services to do this.

Ask people to review your service or product on your website or social media. You can offer them money, discounts, coupons to do it. If customers share your product, it makes a huge impact on the community.

Reselling is also good

Also, you can offer people to resell your products on a commission basis. It is simply a free technique to market your product or service. Many digital marketing agencies or local SEO services can help you do this. Let agencies promote or sell your products and grow your authority in your niche.

#4. Online Brand Reputation

Online branding is important. You have to manage your brand reputation. Following are some useful ways to do it.

Emotional Background

Does your brand have any emotional story behind it? Try to involve an emotional story behind your company. People will relate more to your company.

Sell Stories Not Products

Never push people to buy your products. Try to tell them stories behind your business or products. Try to publish such stories with your products. It can be a story about your existing customers or your employees.

#5. Viral Marketing

Viral marketing can help you grow rapidly. You can boost your sales dramatically with a sudden effect. Some local SEO services do viral marketing also. You can sell something free to shock people. Your main purpose should be to shock (positively) customers with your services and advertisement.

#6. Competitor Analysis

This is the most common thing that local brands do not have. They never analyze their competitors. Local SEO services won’t be able to help you if you are not comparing your business with competitors. Try to compare and then improve.

#7. Get Returning Customers

Returning customers are always good. What are you doing to get more returning customers? You have to do something so that they can come again. Many local SEO services will make a mistake here. They don’t have any plan to do this. But it is a very important thing to do. You can give coupons to a customer in your local store. Tell them that the coupon will be applicable on the next visit.

Let’s Summarize!

We hope that you will implement these all 7 ways to market your local brand. Hiring local SEO services is good, but marketing with these ways will be a great thing to do. You can easily grab more sales and traffic for your local brand. No matter what city you belong to, you can easily use all these seven things.


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