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Saint Bernardino car accident: 5 signs that you need an attorney

No matter how minor, getting involved in a road accident can be overwhelming. If you were hurt in a car…

By moralword , in General , at June 6, 2023

No matter how minor, getting involved in a road accident can be overwhelming. If you were hurt in a car crash in Saint Bernardino, you should take reasonable steps to protect your rights. Remember that you would be filing the injury lawsuit, and as per the laws in California, you are required to present evidence that proves the fault and negligence of the other driver. While you can initiate an insurance claim independently, it is best to hire an experienced attorney. Here are the five signs that you need a lawyer –

  1. You have suffered a catastrophic injury. If your injury is likely to alter your life, it is a catastrophic injury. Examples include severe burns, multiple fractures, spinal cord damage, and brain injury. When someone’s reckless act causes such damage, the eventual compensation is significantly higher when compared to standard car accident claims. Get an attorney to know your damages.
  2. You were speeding or at fault. When two parties share the liability for a car crash in California, the “pure” comparative fault rule is used to determine compensation. While you can still sue the other party, your settlement will be proportionately reduced according to your fault. However, remember that the other party and insurance companies will want to use that fact against you, and it is essential to have a legal expert.
  3. The insurance company has denied the claim. Claims adjusters are never honest with victims and often try to push smaller settlements. If you cannot recover money through the insurance company, talk to a lawyer immediately. Injury lawyers are accomplished negotiators and can take further steps as necessary.
  4. Many parties are involved. When more than two drivers or vehicles are involved in an accident, the outcome is usually complex. It can be hard to determine who is liable for your injuries, and investigating the crash can be tricky. You need an attorney who can use their resources to determine critical details.
  5. You have lost significant wages. If your injuries are severe, you may need months to recover, and therefore, your work will suffer. Your compensation should ideally cover wage losses, but if you are having trouble recovering a positive outcome, get an attorney.

Don’t let your financial situation prevent you from seeking legal expertise. If an attorney agrees to take your case, they will not ask for money unless you recover the settlement. Start working on your claim right away. 


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