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Benefits of NCERT Textbooks for Students

Books are considered an excellent teaching aid for students and teachers. When it comes to academics, books play a significant…

By moralword , in Education , at March 28, 2022

Books are considered an excellent teaching aid for students and teachers. When it comes to academics, books play a significant role in a students’ life. It is a common resource between students and teachers inside the classroom. Textbooks are essential for both students and teachers as it provides a complete sequence of chapters according to the syllabus. Students who study in the Central Board of Secondary Education follow the NCERT textbooks. The Board only prescribes the NCERT textbooks to all the affiliated schools. Books are considered an excellent teaching aid for students and teachers.

The National Council of Education Research, abbreviated as NCERT, provides high-quality content-based textbooks for primary and secondary levels. These textbooks are considered essential for exam preparation. Now, along with the CBSE Board, the State Boards also follow the textbooks designed by the NCERT. Students should be well-versed with their subject wise textbooks to excel in their exams. Teachers also refer to the textbooks while preparing the exam paper and teaching inside the classroom. NCERT distributes textbooks for all classes, such as  CBSE books for class 5.

Why Should Students use NCERT Textbooks?

1. Easy to understand and provides in-depth information.

All the textbooks prescribed by NCERT explain each topic and subtopic in straightforward language. The textbooks contain all the topics according to the syllabus in a sequential manner. So, it becomes easier for students to understand tricky and challenging topics. Teachers advise students to take the help of the textbook to clear their doubts. The chapters included in the textbooks are explained in detail with relatable examples and activities. Along with the NCERT textbooks, it also provides NCERT solutions class wise and subject wise.

2. NCERT textbooks follow CBSE curriculum.

The NCERT textbooks are designed according to the CBSE syllabus. It also updates the textbooks whenever there is a change in the syllabus. Students should be thorough with the subject wise textbooks to excel in the exam because the final question papers will be prepared accordingly. The textbook also provides practice questions at the end of each chapter. After completing their textbooks, students can refer to other study materials for practice. However, they should keep in mind that the content provided in NCERT books strictly follows the CBSE curriculum.

3. CBSE prescribes NCERT books

The Central Board of Secondary Education prescribes NCERT books for all the classes to affiliated schools. So, NCERT books are enough for students to excel in their exams. They can refer to other study materials just for practice purposes.

4. NCERT questions are asked in the exam

While preparing the board question papers, teachers refer to NCERT books. The textbook is considered a valuable resource as it provides solutions to all the questions. Thorough knowledge of the textbooks will help students solve the question papers with complete confidence.

5. NCERT books enough to score good marks

The NCERT books are sufficient to score good marks in their exam for students. So, students should ensure that they are thorough with their textbooks and don’t miss any crucial topic. To help students, NCERT also provides solutions for Maths, Science, Social Science, English, etc. While solving any difficult questions, students can refer to the solutions to know the correct methodology of answering the question.

We can say that NCERT textbooks are significant from an exam perspective from the points mentioned above. It is believed that books are the best resource for students to understand theories and conceptions. According to the textbook, other study materials such as notes, CBSE previous year question papers, sample papers, important questions, NCERT solutions, etc., are prepared. So, while preparing for the exam, students should begin with textbooks before taking the help of other reference books.


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